Literal Editions

The series of six small booklets satirizes some of the contemporary obsessions, such as ostentation on social networks and the overvaluation of data accumulation regardless of how much it actually translates into knowledge.

The content of the books is nothing more than the literal repetition of the title printed on each of their covers. The mocking text on the back cover leaves no doubt about the strong teasing tone behind the game:

Literal Editions answer the call of their times:

More performance: Their titles focus on what is the main benefit of reading today: social media content.

Process efficiency: They also meet another great longing of the contemporary human being (even though not as vital as posting on social networks): the accumulation of data. In Literal Editions, no time wasted with nuances or daydreams. Data only. Clear, accurate and unambiguous data.

User oriented: Literal Editions are designed to require no effort on the part of the customer (the one formerly called “the reader”). The absorption of content is painless and immediate.

Transparency: What you see is what you get. No more buying a book by its cover, stretching in the armchair and only then, realizing that you’ve been fooled. In Literal Editions, there is nothing in their content that is not described on the cover.