A picture book, without pictures.

“O” – read as “ô”, “ó”, “zero”, “circle” or whatever meaning you like —, a book by Gustavo Piqueira, appropriates the structure of  picture books, but occupies it exclusively with text. It will be up to the reader, therefore, to fill in the words that designate them with images from his own repertoire. And it is this playful game that really motivated the realization of “O”: to bring out the role of co-author that is assumed by those who read not only this one, but each and every book.

The cover is made by overlaying white paraffin paper, typically used as disposable towel in cheap restaurants, with bitumen paper (that is, with pitch in its composition). Along with “Bibi” (2019) and “De Novo” (2018), “O” forms a kind of trilogy in which the structural mechanisms of the book are revealed and subverted.

“O” was published in 2020 by Lote 42.