A mirage, in reverse. “Trânsitos” travels in the opposite direction of the image — the closer the view, the more it fades away. From a distance, one might believe they are facing a pattern resembling the traditional patterns by Toiles de Jouy, but this similarity doesn’t last for long. After all, “Trânsitos” doesn’t seek to mimic a classic modulation and fill it with current themes to arouse seductive perfumes of nostalgia: the synthetic, the schematic, does not sustain itself in the polyphonic and fragmented São Paulo that offers a myriad of paths without ever indicating clearly where exactly are located its “exit” or “entry” signs.

The pattern originated a series of 16 products – divided into ceramics, fabric and stationery items.

Super limited edition of the products can be found at the stores MO.D and CHOIX, both in São Paulo.