Coleção Gráfica Particular

Launched in late 2017, the Gráfica Particular collection, seeks to highlight specific items of printed production. Their selection criteria are admittedly disorganized: praised or obscure; ancient or contemporary; a quick glance across ample works or detained observations over some detail. And also do not demarcate territories or point strands. On the contrary, actually. Its goal is not to direct tastes here or there, but rather to stimulate each one in the elaboration of their particular graphic canon.

Four volumes have been released so far:

#01 Gogmagog! Morris Cox e sua Gogmagog Press
#02 A Cantora Careca de Massin
#03 Sebastião Nunes – Delirante lucidez
#04 Mestiços — Primeiros cruzamentos entre texto, imagem e objeto nos livros do modernismo brasileiro