William Morris — Sobre as Artes do Livro

At Kelmscott Press, a major propelling model of the British private press movement, the English multi-artist William Morris (1834 – 1896) sought to oppose the dominant industrial system and, by reviving manual printing processes, to elevate the principles of composition and production to the highest standards. Some of these principles, moreover, still reverberate today, such as the defense of the visual unity of the page through the integration of text, images, ornaments, stain and other elements as parts of a single system. Thus, the “beautiful book” would be the sum of all its dimensions – not only form, nor just content.

“William Morris — Sobre as Artes do Livro” was published in 2020 by Ateliê Editorial and brings together essays and lectures by Morris on the theme, accompanied by an introductory text, technical review, iconographic research and graphic design of our own.